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At Empire Tattoo our artists are dedicated to the art of tattooing. Our artists are proficient in many styles of tattooing and we welcome the first timer to the serious collector. We take walk ins every day as well as large custom work by appointment. We use the finest inks and equipment our industry has to offer. All of our studios require hospital grade cleanliness and sterilization tested monthly by an outside laboratory. Bring us your idea or your reference image and we will create your new piece of art.

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At our Empire studios that offer piercing we always pierce with surgical grade stainless steel or titanium jewelry. Every needle is single use and every piece of jewelry and equipment are sterilized by an autoclave on location that is tested monthly by an outside lab. All jewelry must be left in new piercings for up to 3 months but can certainly be kept in for years after the piercing is done. Each location that offers piercings can answer any question you have. We look forward to adding and maintaining quality piercings at an affordable price for many years to come.

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Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent cosmetic make-up not only enhances your appearance, but reveals essence. This totally safe procedure gives a professional make-up look that becomes a permanent part of you. Permanent make-up is a way to look your best at all times and our mission is to help others achieve optimal beauty.

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