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  • Henry Gabner
    Hi my name is Henry and I have been tattooing for over 2 years. Out of high school I attended the Maryland Institute College of Art, with a major in Drawing. After two years I left art school to begin...
  • Damon Butler
    Growing up in the projects of Boston, Damon Butler could have easily ended up another victim of drugs and violence. However, he could draw from an early age and earned a reputation in his neighborhood as a talented artist. He...
  • Keith Miller
    I started tattooing in 2009. I gravitate towards realism with an illustrative twist. I also enjoy doing bold classic tattoos. I believe in client satisfaction and creating tattoos that will heal well and stand the test of time....
  • Gregory Tepper
    My name is Gregory Tepper. I have been tattooing since 2011. I’m originally from Connecticut but moved to Pittsburgh at the beginning of 2015. I enjoy tattooing and try not to limit myself to one specific style, but I do...
  • Angelo Fernandes
    Angelo Fernandes, 36, married, father of two, mormon, started his career in his hometown of Sao Paulo-Brazil in 1998. He went to college for his Computer Science degree, but decided to follow his passion – the arts. Angelo has received...
  • “Ruben”
    My name is Ruben I live in Philadelphia and have been tattooing since 2006. I do a lot of traditional style tattoos but don’t mind branching off to meet a customers needs. I enjoy black and gray tattoos but am...
  • Alan Dippold
    I grew up loving art and sports in Pittsburgh, Pa. My love of art came from artists such as Stan Lee n Todd Mcfarlane of marvel comics and spawn. After graduation I decide that the Art Institute of Pittsburgh was...
  • Angel O’Connor
    My name’s Angel, I hail from Kansas City, MO. I was offered an apprenticeship after I moved to Pittsburgh in 2009. I consider myself an awesome individual, film nerd, and horror movie enthusiast. I love to tattoo in any style...
  • Rafael Serrano
    Rafael is native to Puerto Rico where he spent most of his life learning and developing his art. He has been tattooing for about 12 years and has worked at several different locations around the east coast. Places such as...
  • Matt Doherty
    Matt Doherty has been a tattoo artist since the fall of 2006 and has been working for Empire Tattoo since August 2011. He has a BFA from the University of the Arts. His style is realistic, but can adapt to...
  • James Brandao
    James Brandao. Illustration student at MassArt. Working with Damon “Ferb” Butler in the art of tattooing since 2012. Boston native. My obsession with tattoos began after high school when I received my first tattoo, a black and gray memorial piece...
  • Brian Hooker
    My name is Brian Hooker. I’ve been tattooing since June of 2012. I’m a self-proclaimed “colorsmith,” specializing in a colorful new school style. However, I do enjoy black and grey as well. Tattooing is my passion. So come throw some...
  • Jim Kelly – Piercer
    My name is Jim Kelly and I am the manager of the Blackwood Empire Tattoo in Clementon, New Jersey. I have been at the shop since we opened in 2008. I also pierce full time at the shop and have...
  • Wayne Liberty
    I’d describe myself as better experienced than explained… Irreverent by nature and low brow by choice, I’m not happy unless you’ve enjoyed being tattooed as much as the tattoo itself. I’ve been tattooing professionally for over ten years now and...
  • Ramon Negron
    “I discovered my love for the art of tattooing when I received my first tattoo by Skull Duggery. From this inspirational and life-changing experience, I embarked upon my career as a tattoo artist, apprenticing under Mike Bakaty at Fineline Tattoos...
  • Neil England
    Neil England is a Massachusetts native who has been tattooing since 1995. While he tattoos in all styles, he specializes in realism, illustrative, and new-skool tattooing. Neil is in the shop Monday through Thursday....
  • Jeff Bermingham
    My name is Jeff Bermingham, and I have been tattooing in the State of New Jersey for two years now. I come from a broad artistic background ranging from, sculpture and illustration, to film editing and photography. When I’m not...
  • Chris “Stretch” Shockley
    Hi my names Christopher “Stretch” Shockley. I had a two year apprenticeship went to school for fine arts and have been a licensed tattoo artist since October of 2010. As of right now I do traditional, color realism, black and...
  • Drew Vetrano
    Drew Vetrano has been tattooing since 2013 and is heavily influenced by graffiti and street art. He enjoys custom lettering and black and grey. Drew is in the shop Friday through Monday....
  • Chris Reilly
    Reilly, a Cambridge native, has been tattooing since 2011. Since a very young age he has always been artistic, and is a sponsored artist for Kulturez painting large murals along the east coast. He enjoys black and grey realism with...
  • Jonathan “Moge” Silva
    I’m a Boston native who started tattooing right out of high school in 2012. Having a strong urban graffiti background has influenced my art tremendously. I enjoy all styles of tattooing particularly color illustrative, realism, black and grey, and lettering....
  • Doug Sparks
    Doug Sparks from Empire Tattoo in Clementon, New Jersey is a versatile and focused tattoo artist who started tattooing in 2007. Heavily influenced by Japanese style tattooing he drew inspiration from artists such as Shige, Filip Leu, and Jeff Gogue...
  • Paul DeMarco – Piercer
    My name’s Paul DeMarco, I’ve been working for Empire Tattoo since 2011. Before working for Empire, I made pizza for 4 years. I was introduced to Jim Kelly when I started getting tattooed at an Empire location. A little while...
  • Gary Kolarik – Piercer and Tattoo Apprentice
    My name is Gary Kolarik I started apprenticing to pierce under Jim Kelly at Empire Tattoo in Clementon in March of 2013. In my first year I learned to keep the shop clean, pierce, and help at the front counter...




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  • Bng piece by @chrisshockleytattooer at @empiretattooinc in Clementon

    empiretattooinc: "Bng piece by @chrisshockleytattooer at @empiretattooinc in Clementon"
  • Work in progress on a sleeve by @meanmugdoug at @empiretattooinc in Clementon

    empiretattooinc: "Work in progress on a sleeve by @meanmugdoug at @empiretattooinc in Clementon"
  • Traditional piece by @chrisshockleytattooer at @empiretattooinc

    empiretattooinc: "Traditional piece by @chrisshockleytattooer at @empiretattooinc"
  • Gorilla portrait by @jeffberm at @empiretattooinc in Clementon

    empiretattooinc: "Gorilla portrait by @jeffberm at @empiretattooinc in Clementon"
  • Orchid shoulder piece by @jeffberm at @empiretattooinc in Clementon

    empiretattooinc: "Orchid shoulder piece by @jeffberm at @empiretattooinc in Clementon"
  • Another session on this Star Wars piece by @chrisshockleytattooer

    empiretattooinc: "Another session on this Star Wars piece by @chrisshockleytattooer"
  • Fun eye filler for @dohertytattoos at @empiretattooinc in Clementon

    empiretattooinc: "Fun eye filler for @dohertytattoos at @empiretattooinc in Clementon"
  • Fun elbow tattoo done by @the1gk at @empiretattooinc in Clementon Nj

    empiretattooinc: "Fun elbow tattoo done by @the1gk at @empiretattooinc in Clementon Nj"
  • Bng piece done by Chris Shockley at Empire Tattoo in Clementon Nj

    empiretattooinc: "Bng piece done by Chris Shockley at Empire Tattoo in Clementon Nj"
  • Flag tattoo by @dohertytattoos at @empiretattooinc in Clementon

    empiretattooinc: "Flag tattoo by @dohertytattoos at @empiretattooinc in Clementon"