Shane Oneill Productions – Shane ONeill Productions is a tattoo convention circuit across the U.S. OUR MISSION – To expose the best artists in the world to a broader audience.
Shane ONeill won the 1st season of the reality show Ink Masters. Riding his popularity and charisma in the tattoo industry Shane, Rich Rosenberg & Smitty brainstormed the idea to have a tattoo convention that focused on camaraderie and tradition. Behold, the Best in the Midwest Tattoo Convention.
The business was then formed and named after Shane Oneill himself because of his reputation as an experienced and talented artist with a perfectionist attitude and intense work ethic. Since our first show, the Best in the MidWest in Council Bluffs, IA in 2012, we have grown to 2 other cities; Pittsburgh and Cincinnati and looking to expand even more.
Undoubtedly, the best part of our show is the very high quality of artist in attendance, it is our greatest strength. The artist tattooing at our shows are some of the most talented in the world. They have come to our shows from all corners of the globe to tattoo collectors at our events.
King Pin Tattoo Supply – Since 1996 Kingpin Tattoo Supply, Inc. has evolved from a custom needle building shop into a full service supply company catering to the tattoo professional. We manufacture our own line of quality tattoo equipment & offer an extensive range of medical and piercing supplies as well.Our goal is to provide the tattoo professional with the highest quality tattoo products at the best possible price, while providing the highest level of customer service.
Neil England’s Personal Site – Neil England is a Massachusetts native who has been tattooing since 1995. While he tattoos in all styles, he specializes in realism, illustrative, and new-skool tattooing. Neil is in Empire in Somerville, MA Monday through Thursday.
Eternal Ink – We provide the tattoo industry with the best quality ink and supplies possible. Proudly made in the USA – by artists for artists.
System One – Shane O’Neill’s signature line of tattoo skin care products. Developed both scientifically and naturally, with the Tattoo Artist in mind. These products will take your art to the next level and expand your customer base like never before.
Steadfast Brand – A premier industry player devoted to bringing the art of tattooing to the masses. Crafted from the finest 100% ringspun cotton, Steadfast t-shirts along with the company’s hooded sweatshirts offer casually cool comfort that emphasize the tattoo lifestyle. Not slaves to fashion, Steadfast Brand offers substance in addition to style by showcasing tattoo artists who deserve to be seen by producing world-class prints of their work, sketchbooks, and anthologies.
Metal Mafia – Metal Mafia has been in business for 9 years offering the highest quality body jewelry, always at the lowest prices. Their jewelry can be found at more than 5,000 independent retailers nationwide, such as tattoo and piercing studios, mall kiosks, skate shops, and tanning salons, and includes items such as interchangeable plugs for stretched ears, patented micro dermal anchors, and a multitude of their very own designed navel rings. Not only do they bring honesty and quality to this business, they bring a sense of loyalty- taking care of each and every customer as they would any one of their family members.
Shane ONeill Tattoos – Shane O’Neill is a very talented self-taught artist excelling in all mediums, but his true calling lies in the art of tattooing. He credits his brother with motivating him to learn how to tattoo. Shane’s experience as a professional illustrator seemed like a natural transition into tattooing. He has a bachelors degree in fine arts from the Philadelphia University of the Arts. He then began tattooing in the spring of 1997. Shane specializes in realism, portraits, wildlife, and horror but is very capable of creating any style of tattooing . Shane travels around the country and internationally to tattoo conventions. While attending these events you can find him teaching seminars and producing some of his best work. Shane has been featured in many magazines and has won countless awards for his tattooing. He has achieved far more than he imagined and truly appreciates all of the recognition.

Lenny Renken’s Personal Site – Lenny Renken began tattooing 5 years ago at Big Brain Productions, apprenticing under Chris Blinston for three years.He is an award winning artist from Omaha, Nebraska who works at Empire in Clementon approximately one week every other month. He works in our Boston location on occasion as well.

He is known for his colorful pieces of art, especially Japanese style tattoos.

He is not limited to any one genre of tattooing. He has no problem doing portraits or black and gray pieces.
A twelve page spread from International Tattoo Art is on display on the wall of our Clementon store to see some of his work.

He has no problem drawing up ideas for your tattoos on the spot if you are being spontaneous either.
Large scale or tiny tattoo, there is nothing Lenny isn’t ready to do for you.

Lenny takes appointments in Clementon for a week out of every other month in Clementon feel free to check our instagram, facebook, and twitter with updates on when you can next book an appointment with Lenny.

Jens Arnqvist’s Gallery Site – Jens prefers to work in the direction towards horror themes and portraits, which of many are presented on this website. Since opening Big Street Tattoo, he has been traveling internationally to Tattoo conventions in the world, from North America to East Asia, but also does guest appearances frequently in shops of different parts in Sweden.
Matt Doherty’s Personal Site – Matt Doherty is a tattoo artist at Empire Tattoo in Blackwood, NJ and guest artist at various locations. He graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a Bachelors in Illustration and has been tattoing for seven years. Matt specializes in realism but can handle any style of tattooing.
Mike Sedges’s Personal Site – Hey all, my name is Mike sedges, I have been tattooing since 2005, and working in tattoo studios since 2001.I highly enjoy doing dot work, pretty much anything involving flowers, cover-ups, and script.

I love what I do everyday, all the time, no matter what the situation.

I am all about comfort, creative artwork, evolution, positivity and happiness.

If you would like to be tattooed by me, please call our studio and book a free consultation with me!

You can see the rest of my art on my website at

You can also feel free to email me at Thanks for looking reading and enjoying our studio!




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  • Bng piece by @chrisshockleytattooer at @empiretattooinc in Clementon

    empiretattooinc: "Bng piece by @chrisshockleytattooer at @empiretattooinc in Clementon"
  • Work in progress on a sleeve by @meanmugdoug at @empiretattooinc in Clementon

    empiretattooinc: "Work in progress on a sleeve by @meanmugdoug at @empiretattooinc in Clementon"
  • Traditional piece by @chrisshockleytattooer at @empiretattooinc

    empiretattooinc: "Traditional piece by @chrisshockleytattooer at @empiretattooinc"
  • Gorilla portrait by @jeffberm at @empiretattooinc in Clementon

    empiretattooinc: "Gorilla portrait by @jeffberm at @empiretattooinc in Clementon"
  • Orchid shoulder piece by @jeffberm at @empiretattooinc in Clementon

    empiretattooinc: "Orchid shoulder piece by @jeffberm at @empiretattooinc in Clementon"
  • Another session on this Star Wars piece by @chrisshockleytattooer

    empiretattooinc: "Another session on this Star Wars piece by @chrisshockleytattooer"
  • Fun eye filler for @dohertytattoos at @empiretattooinc in Clementon

    empiretattooinc: "Fun eye filler for @dohertytattoos at @empiretattooinc in Clementon"
  • Fun elbow tattoo done by @the1gk at @empiretattooinc in Clementon Nj

    empiretattooinc: "Fun elbow tattoo done by @the1gk at @empiretattooinc in Clementon Nj"
  • Bng piece done by Chris Shockley at Empire Tattoo in Clementon Nj

    empiretattooinc: "Bng piece done by Chris Shockley at Empire Tattoo in Clementon Nj"
  • Flag tattoo by @dohertytattoos at @empiretattooinc in Clementon

    empiretattooinc: "Flag tattoo by @dohertytattoos at @empiretattooinc in Clementon"